Happiness at Work

The MyFenix platform guides employees in a structured way towards greater satisfaction, well-being and happiness. This is done based on tests, activities, workshops and tips & tricks. As a company it is important to know how happy your employees are. We can easily map this out with our Happiness at work survey. You will get an overview of why your employees are feeling good and how you can improve this further.

In collaboration with the universities of Ghent and Madrid, we set up an international study on Happiness at work in 2018. This study has now been completed, but we will continue to offer this survey to companies. The anonymous survey provides an enormous amount of insight into the happiness of employees.

happiness survey

The survey can take place integrated in the MyFenix platform or as a separate survey.

We send the questions to your employees, they can answer anonymously. It contains about 40 short statements on general feeling, satisfaction, tasks and environment. We recently expanded the survey with questions about Covid-19.

The survey is available in Dutch, French and English.

When the survey is completed, we make a report with an analysis of the happiness standards and stressors in the workplace. A global overview is given, supplemented with insights into various categories such as department, location and age.

The survey is conducted according to a strict privacy policy in accordance with the GDPR legislation.


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